How to Intsall and Play Coin master Game

Coin master is very popular game in kids as well as adults. it is developed by Moon active.This game based on earn coin and make village.In this Post you know about how you can intsall and play Coin master game.

How to Install Coin Master 

Open google play store and type Coin Master then click on install. when you downloading is complete, click open button.

how to install and play coin master game

How to play Coin master 

When you open first time coin master game then see your village and build it. Coin master game give you demo instruction. These instruction means how to play game and how to build village. Click on the Slot button and play the game. Earn coin and expand your village.


Attack is represent by hammer slots. When you attack on slots machine, it will automatic a random player village and you have to attack or you can choose option revenge or friend village.


Sheilds is save you village from attacker. you can collect only three sheild.

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